2023 Presentations

Port of Townsville Presentations October 2023

May 2019 NSW New Technologies Seminar

David Taylor, ‘Predictive Modelling for Extreme Events’

Peter Duplex Mid West Ports, ‘Geraldton experience with new technology’

Ron Cox WRL, ‘Upgrading Breakwaters – New Technology’

Pettersson & Lesser, ‘Channel Deepening Project – Lyttleton Port, NZ’

Elizabeth Freeman, ‘Floating Pontoons’

Douglas Hunt, ‘Renewable Energy Applications to Port Infrastructure”

Ross Newcombe, ‘PIANC WG184 Guide – Dry Bulk Terminals Design’

Matthew Primmer Port of Melbourne, ‘NCOS Online System’

Jackie Spiteri Port of Newcastle, ‘EcoPort Membership’

Brett Miller WRL, ‘Bow Thruster Performance & Loadings on Wharf Structures’