Working Groups


Please view information below for Terms of Reference for current PIANC Working Groups with Australia & New Zealand involvement. For all other active working groups, please refer to the links in the sidebar.

Download information about PIANC ANZ Travel Assistance Policy for our members involved in Working Groups.

Please see our Annual Report 2020 pp12-13 for a list of all PIANC ANZ members currently involved in PIANC Working Groups.


WG236: Sustainable Management of the Navigability of  Free Flow Rivers – ToR

WG224: Planning of Fishing Ports ToR MarCom WG

WG 233: Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Of Waterfront Facilities

Nominations closed

WG 232: Metocean-Related Risks During Construction of Marine Works

Nominations closed

WG 231: Mooring Bollards & Hooks: Selection, maintenance and testing

Nominations closed

WG 227: A Guide for Assessing and Managing Environmental Restrictions on Dredging and Disposal Operations

ANZ Nomination: David Petch

WG 226: A Guide for Assessing and Managing Effects of Underwater Sounds from Navigation Infrastructure Activities.

ANZ Nomination: Spencer Shute

WG 218: The Implications of Invasive Alien Species for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure

ANZ Nomination: Nicola Stokes

WG213: Design guidelines for marine multipurpose terminals

ANZ Nomination: Venket Naidu

WG209: Recommendations for use of AIS data for recreational navigation infrastructure

Nominations closed

WG212: Update of WG 24 – Criteria for acceptable movement of ships at berth

ANZ Nominations: Wim van der Molen, Fabien Cogorgan

WG211: A Update of WG 33 – Guidelines for the design of fender systems

ANZ Nominations: Bob Lamont-Smith, Harvinder Singh (YP)

WG205: Design and Construction of Breakwaters on Soft Seabeds

ANZ Nomination: Stuart Bettington

WG200: Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Marine Single Point Mooring (SPM) or Multi-Point Mooring (MPM) Facilities

Australian nominations:

  • Katrina Dodd, Ausenco
  • Kevin Sartipi (VP), JJ Ryan

WG199: Health Monitoring for Port and Waterway Structures

Australian nominations:

  • Colin Hedderwick, SMEC

WG195: An Introduction to Applying Ecosystems Services for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Projects

Australian nominations:

  • David Hopper, NSW Trade and Investment

WG 194: A Framework for Early Contractor Involvement in Infrastructure Projects

Australian nominations:

  • David Kinlan, Kinlan Consulting

WG187: Protection of Undersea Pipelines and Cables in Navigable Areas

Australian nominations:

  • Brian Johnson, Australian Maritime Systems

WG186: Mooring of Large Ships at Quay Walls

Australian nominations:

  • Sam Harris, Mott McDonald
  • David Dack, Arup

WG185: Site Selection and Planning for New Ports and Specialist Marine Terminals on Greenfield Sites – Technical Guidelines

Australian nominations:

  • Jason Sprott, Sprott Planning and Environment
  • Sam Harris, Mott McDonald
  • Harish Srivastava, Transport for NSW

WG184: Design Principles for Dry Bulk Marine Terminals

Australian nominations:

  • Richard Morgan, Aspec Engineering
  • Peter Kastrup, Arup
  • Bob Lamont-Smith, Aecom