Mentoring Program

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PIANC AU-NZ believes in opening doors for connection and collaboration, and we are proud of our Mentoring Program, which began in 2020.

The PIANC AU-NZ Mentoring Program aims to provide members an opportunity of giving back to their coastal and maritime industry colleagues through sharing professional experiences and life lessons, as well as providing an opportunity for interested members to gain guidance and advice in progressing their professional career through meaningful discussion with their peers.

The Program is a fantastic opportunity to engage directly with other PIANC members. Recognising that many of our members have valued and varied experiences, the mentor/mentee relation can be, but is not per se senior-junior in nature and instead can be one of peers across industries or across disciplines. We welcome mentors and mentees of all ages and backgrounds.

Registration of interest as mentor or mentee for 2024 

If  you are interested in participating as mentor or mentee, please register your interest by email to

In your email, please respond to the following questions that will assist with pairing you to a mentor/mentee:

  1. Name, company, contact details
  2. What would you like to get out of the Mentoring Program?
  3. Brief Bio – what do you want a mentor/mentee to know about you?
  4. Do you object to your name / company being mentioned on PIANC media as participant of this program?

Please read all information below:

As mentor or mentee, you will be contributing to a program that will:

  • Give understanding of the benefits, activities and processes of PIANC AU-NZ, YP and PIANC International.
  • Assist members in meaningful professional and career development;
  • Encourage greater cooperation between professionals in science and engineering fields, across industry and between industry and universities;
  • Promote the value of knowledge sharing;
  • Facilitate discussion on adjusting our profession to a world impacted by a pandemic and climate change!

Benefits for mentors include:

  • the ability to give back to the PIANC community
  • a flexible and personal program.
  • Insight into someone else’s career and current industry challenges
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience – the lessons learnt
  • Empowering emerging leaders

Benefits for mentees include:

  • Access to an experienced person for advice
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Inspiration by role models
  • Insight into someone else’s career and working life with diverse range of learning opportunities
  • Knowledge of possible career paths.

 Guidelines of engagement

  1. Mentors and mentees are PIANC AU-NZ members only. Participants on volunteer basis.
  2. Number of participants is subject to levels of interest. Current program aims for ca. 10 mentors and 10 mentees. Further interest may be addressed in subsequent programs.
  3. The 2024 engagement  will be conducted from April – December 2024.
  4. A PIANC AU-NZ organising committee will link mentor/mentee pairs.
  5. Mentors and mentees will attend a prior instruction and support session;
  6. Mentoring sessions to be undertaken by phone or web. Once circumstances allow, optional in person meetings, coffee sessions, site visits, etc. may be made at discretion of participants and following public health guidelines.
  7. Session times and duration are at the discretion of mentors and mentees, but must be a minimum of 7 sessions. Mentoring sessions are intended ca. 1 hour, every month, recognising that it may not be consistent throughout the program.
  8. Mentoring sessions will be conducted on basis of confidentiality;
  9. General feedback to be provided by mentor and mentee about the program to PIANC AU-NZ.
  10. Participant’s names and company name will be published on PIANC AU-NZ news and in Annual Report – subject to agreement from participants.

Click here to see feedback from Program participants.


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