What is PIANC?

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure.

PIANC (which historically stood for the Permanent International Association of Navigational Congresses) is the international forum where professionals around the world join forces to provide expert guidance on cost-effective, reliable and sustainable infrastructure to facilitate waterborne transport.

Established in 1885, PIANC continues to be the leading partner for government and the private sector in the design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas.

As a non-political and non-profit organisation, PIANC brings together the best international experts on technical, economic and environmental issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructures. Members include national governments and public authorities, corporations and interested individuals.

At the core of PIANC’s mission is the publication of high-quality Technical Reports realised by international Working Groups. PIANC Working Groups are composed of participants from multiple member countries who have expertise in the issue being investigated. The groups gather, analyse, and consolidate international, state-of-the-art, best practice material to provide evidence-based guidance.

An increasing number of AU-NZ members have been participating in Working Groups.  See our video here and find out why you should get involved!

PIANC’s other key pursuit is the organisation of international conferences, such as the four-yearly PIANC World Conference, last held in Panama City in 2018. Working Groups and Conferences are organised through PIANC’s various Commissions.

Find out more about PIANC International.

What is PIANC Australia & New Zealand?

PIANC AU-NZ is one of the largest of the 28 recognised National Sections within PIANC.

PIANC AU-NZ has a growing membership of over 175 individual members (including 50 student members) and 95 corporate members.

View PIANC AU-NZ’s about us video below.

Watch 3 min video about one of PIANC’s core functions – Working Groups.

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The Board of PIANC Australia & New Zealand has articulated its purpose statement and overarching goal in the 2024 Strategic Plan. The Board is working hard towards delivering on set targets.

Why do we exist?

Our core purpose is to provide leadership in the field of waterborne transport infrastructure to advance the communities, economies and environments in Australia and New Zealand.

How do we do it?

To fulfill our core purpose, we:

  • Partner with governments and the private sector to advance the design, development and maintenance of waterborne transport infrastructure in our region;
  • Bring together people in our region and beyond to share knowledge about waterborne transport infrastructure; and,
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge in waterborne transport infrastructure, by conveying Australian and New Zealand experience to the wider PIANC community.

What do we do?

What we do to fulfill our core purpose:

Share industry knowledge and best practices

  • Deliver major events in our region, including Coasts and Ports – the pre-eminent forum for professionals to discuss multi-disciplinary issues related to coasts and ports;
  • Deliver local events to share knowledge relevant to our members;
  • Promote PIANC Technical Reports and other publications.

Bring people in our industry together

  • Organise events which provide opportunities for our people to meet and network.

Provide industry leadership

  • Work with government and other industry bodies to positively influence policy and guidance which relates to waterborne transport infrastructure in our region.

Contribute to the international body of knowledge

  • Nominate and support PIANC Australia & New Zealand members to join relevant PIANC working groups;
  • Actively contribute knowledge and experience for the development of PIANC Technical Reports and publications.

Support the next generation of professionals in our industry

  • Provide education and guidance which fills the gap beyond academic studies;
  • Create opportunities for young professionals to meet and network with the broader industry.
  • Grow technical and professional knowledge within our organisation through our Mentorship program.

Represent the interests of our members

  • Provide representation on relevant PIANC Commissions;
  • Actively engage and work with PIANC Headquarters to influence positive outcomes for PIANC as a whole.

What is most important for PIANC A&NZ right now?

Our overarching goal, which is the single main focus shared by the Board of PIANC Australia & New Zealand that we must accomplish by end of November 2023, is to

Take PIANC Australia and New Zealand operations to the next level.