PIANC Technical Commissions

PIANC Commissions

Internationally, four PIANC Technical Commissions (EnviCom, InCom, MarCom, RecCom) cover the different areas of waterborne transport infrastructure: Environmental, Inland navigation, Maritime navigation, and Recreational navigation

These Commissions supervise the work carried out by PIANC experts in the respective Working Groups on subjects of interest. The reports prepared by these Working Groups are the core business of our Association.

PIANC ANZ has national member representation on EnviCom, MarCom and RecCom.

We also have representation on PIANC Commission for Countries in Transition – International Co-operation (CoCom), and  Young Professionals ( YP-Com).

All our Commission Leads work very hard to ensure PIANC ANZ stays connected and involved.

Finally, PIANC’s global finances and promotion/marketing are handled by FinCom and ProCom respectively.

MarCom - Maritime Navigation Commission

MarCom is responsible for dealing with maritime ports and navigation channels issues of interest to PIANC.

MarCom co-operates with other Commissions when issues can be seen to have a broader perspective, for example when they also have an environmental or inland impact and where relevant cross-commissions issues are concerned such as Working with Nature, Climate Change or approach to target countries.

MarCom also co-operates and communicates with other international organisations such as IMO, IAPH, IALA, IHMA, IAHR, IMPA, WODA, etc.

Chairperson: Mr Egbert van der Wal (The Netherlands)

Members from 19 nations and 1 partner organisation IAPH

Scott Keane

Scott Keane

MarCom Member


EnviCom - the Environmental Commission

EnviCom deals with both broad and very specific navigational sustainability and environmental risk-related issues of interest to PIANC that crosscut all PIANC areas, and partner activities.

Permanent Task Groups/Strategic Initiatives include: EU Water Framework Directive Navigation Task Group, Climate Change (PTG CC), Working with Nature Corresponding Group, Dredging and the Environment

EnviCom proactively develops and provides environmental guidance to support the Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Sector to strive for sustainability and to implement respective PIANC goals.

EnviCom pursues topics such as Working with Nature, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Risk Management, Dredging in environmental sensitive areas, Sustainable ports, Climate change adaptation, Carbon management, and Resilience.

Chairperson: Mr Todd Bridges (USA)

Members from 15 nations and 7 partner organisations

Adam van der Beeke

EnviCom Member


Ron Cox

Ron Cox

EnviCom Member

Member/ Co-Com representative

RecCom - Recreational Navigation Commission

Core activities of PIANC RecCom are setting up and managing:

  • Working Groups, for publication of reports;
  • The Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award (MEDA), for promoting excellence in marina design;
  • The Marina Design Training Program (MDTP): courses on marina design at an international level;
  • Outreach activities within PIANC events, with sister associations, and in marina industry events.

The Commission aims at providing high-level and state-of-the-art technical guidance in the fields of planning and design of sustainable recreational navigation infrastructure, including waterfront development and rehabilitation, and nautical tourism facilities.

RecCom collaborates with partners: ICOMIA, ICOMIA Marinas Group, GMI, the Yacht Harbour Association, Marina World, AMI. It seeks input and collaboration with the marina, yachting and tourism industries, as well as engineering and waterfront planning professional community.

Chairperson: Mr Esteban Biondi (Argentina)

Members from 24 nations, and partner organisation ICOMIA/IMG

Greg Britton

Greg Britton

RecCom Member

PIANC AU-NZ Principal Representative

CoCom - International Co-Operation Commission

The main activities of CoCom include executing relevant parts of PIANC’s Strategic Plan; expanding the membership of PIANC by involving countries including those without QM status or National Sections in the Association; and promoting PIANC’s presence in Countries in Transition.

Co-Com aims to:

  • create effective tools and methods to disseminate and communicate information among countries without full National Sections;
  • guide and assist in organising the quadrennial PIANC-COPEDEC Conference;
  • organise regional seminars and workshops; regional programmes or other low-cost activities;
  • develop new tools for knowledge transfer;
  • develop networks with authorities and institutes in the countries or regions concerned;
  • closely co-operate, whenever possible, with CoCom’s counterparts in Sister Organisations and
  • seek outside funds in support of its activities

Chairpersons: Mr Edward Schmeltz (USA) & Akula Rao (India)

Members from 15 nations

Ron Cox

Ron Cox

CoCom Member

Member of CoCom Subcommittee 4 – logistic and financial support for Countries in Transition

YPCom - Young Professionals Commission

Be part of this unique ‘Network of the Future’!

YP-Com encourages the creation of Young Professional groups globally,

  • supports and co-ordinates the activities of Young Professional groups in new countries;
  • introduces the needs and expectations of the Young Professionals on the agenda of the managing bodies of the Association;
  • organises the Young Professional Award at the occasion of the PIANC World Congress,
  • provides the content for the dedicated YP-Section of the PIANC website to the General Secretariat and
  • contributes to the marketing and promotional activities of the Association with special regard to Young Professionals.

Chairperson: Sebastian Iglesias  (The Netherlands)

Asia-Pacific Vice Chair: Jack Vun Zac Lee (Malaysia)

Members from 30 nations

Lisa Wynne

YP-Com Member

Chair YP-Com AU-NZ

Finance Commission (FinCom)

FinCom, in close collaboration with the Secretary-General, shall oversee the sound financial management of the Association on a cost-effective basis and shall, in accordance with the Statutes, overview the financial transactions of the previous year, the audited accounts, the management of the portfolio and the overall financial situation of the Association; prepare for submission the annual budget and pay special attention to the medium-term forecast of expenditures and receipts for the ensuing three years; keep under review the accounting system of the Association and the allocation of funds to the various activities and inform ExCom and report accordingly to the Council and the AGA.

Neil Lawson

FinCom and ProCom


Promotion Commission (ProCom)

ProCom shall enhance, direct and implement a comprehensive Promotional Programme that will maintain/increase the membership, improve the report accessibility, enhance the visibility, and help achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Association. 

Collaboration with external professional support may be suitable upon proposal of ProCom and approval of FinCom with final decision by ExCom; (co-)organise, guide and oversee all promotional, marketing, publication and educational outreach (in coordination with CoCom) activities for PIANC; be responsible for the identification of stakeholders, the execution of the strategic plan/marketing strategy, the development of the promotion budget in co-operation with FinCom and routine reporting to the ExCom, Council and AGA on the activities and accomplishments of the Promotional Programme; increase activities regarding navigation infrastructure stakeholders including public authorities and related private industry sectors and reach out PIANC’s products to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), universities and training centres and other professional societies targeting their technical conferences.

Neil Lawson

FinCom and ProCom