Young Professionals

The PIANC Young Professional Commission (YP Com), formed in 2006, is comprised of delegates from PIANC’s world-wide members with more than 20 countries represented. Over the last decade, YP Com has been dedicated to the career development of YP members (40 years of age and younger) locally, nationally and globally, by providing opportunities for networking through meetings and events, experience on PIANC Commissions and Technical Working Groups (Principal and Alternate Delegate Positions), and education with scholarship opportunities (De Paepe-Willems Paper Award and the PIANC Australia YP Award). In addition, a YP may also be an observer on any PIANC Commission or Working Group.

If you are 40 years or under, here are 7 reasons to join us:

  1. Join a world-wide network of fellow experts and professionals;
  2. Team up with public decision makers;
  3. Benefit from more than a century of expertise;
  4. Gain access to advanced technical information;
  5. Make your voice heard within the community and on the international scene;
  6. Use a unique springboard for Young Professionals; and
  7. Share your knowledge and experience through Working Groups, Commissions and National Sections.

Locally, the Australian YP Com was established within our National Section in 2013. As one of the most active groups worldwide, we hold networking events across Australia, nominate Australian YP’s for Working Groups, liaise with YP Com International, bestow annual awards, work with the Australian PIANC board and related activities.  We recently hosted the prestigious 6th PIANC Biennial Technical Visit to Sydney and Cairns which was aligned with the 2017 AGA and the Coasts and Ports Conference, in June 2017.

To find out more and get involved, please contact the Australian National YP-Com representatives Associate Professor William Glamore (Current YPCom Australia Chair and Vice-Chair of the Asia Pacific Region), Dr Kate Panayotou (PIANC YPCom Chair Alternate and PIANC Board Member) and Joel Bailey (PIANC Australia Board Member) via

Want to get more involved?  Join us at the next YP-Com event or contact us if you would like to play a greater role in the group.

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