Webinars, Videos and Presentations

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PIANC A&NZ Technical Webinars

PIANC A&NZ/SA Chapter Technical Presentation Hybrid Webinar 28 July 2022 - "Climate Change - long term impacts on ports & navigation" 
Speaker: A/Prof Ron Cox PIANC PTGCC

PIANC WA Chapter Technical Presentation December 2021 - "Cairns Shipping Development Project" - industry speakers Charlie Bicknell and Tim Green

PIANC NSW Chapter Technical Presentation August 2021 - The State of Ocean Energy in Australia with Tom Denniss, Francois Flocard & Christophe Gaudin.

PIANC Northern Chapter Technical Presentation July 2021 - WG208 Presentations - Planning for Automation of Container Terminals with Tom Crawford-Condie, Michael Houen, Carsten Varming & Tom Ward.

PIANC NSW YP Technical Presentation December 2020 -
Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) Presentation

PIANC EA Webinar Sept 2020 - Three Working Group Updates
Climate Change Adaptation Planning (Tanja Mackenzie) Acceptable Movement of Ships at Berth (Wim van der Molem), Carbon Management for Ports (Ron Cox)

Underpinning Antarctic research with basic ship hydrodynamics Sept 2020 Alessandro Toffoli and Filippo Nelli (UM)

Potential Impacts of Pile Driving Noise on Marine Mammals - August 2020 -
Chandra Salgado Kent

PIANC NSW Seminar 11 June 2020 - Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) -
Captain Wendy Doran

PIANC's Ron Cox on Climate Change Adaptation for Ports & Maritime April 2020