Conference Papers

May 2019 NSW New Technologies Seminar

David Taylor, ‘Predictive Modelling for Extreme Events’

Peter Duplex Mid West Ports, ‘Geraldton experience with new technology’

Ron Cox WRL, ‘Upgrading Breakwaters – New Technology’

Pettersson & Lesser, ‘Channel Deepening Project – Lyttleton Port, NZ’

Elizabeth Freeman, ‘Floating Pontoons’

Douglas Hunt, ‘Renewable Energy Applications to Port Infrastructure”

Ross Newcombe, ‘PIANC WG184 Guide – Dry Bulk Terminals Design’

Matthew Primmer Port of Melbourne, ‘NCOS Online System’

Jackie Spiteri Port of Newcastle, ‘EcoPort Membership’

Brett Miller WRL, ‘Bow Thruster Performance & Loadings on Wharf Structures’