We are growing – YPs come join us!

PIANC in Australia & New Zealand Young Professionals

The National Section of PIANC in Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) is one of the largest and most active sections in the world. We have numerous experts who participate in international Working Groups as well as global, regional and national roles within PIANC.

Due to our growing membership base and our desire to increase involvement throughout our large geographical area, we are looking for Young Professional (YP) Representatives to join each of the Regional Chapters within our National Section.  

These available roles are: 

  1. South Australia
  2. Northern Territory 
  3. Queensland (Deputy)
  4. New South Wales & ACT (Deputy)
  5. Victoria (Deputy)
  6. Tasmania New Chapter

We also welcome all new members in all areas including Western Australia and New Zealand. Information about getting involved in your Regional Chapter is available at https://pianc.org.au/about/regional-chapters/ .

More information about PIANC ANZ is on this website, or download our Annual Report 2020.

Regional YP Representative 

The YP Rep role is a great opportunity to become more involved in PIANC, to develop your professional network and to advance your career!  

The primary role of the Regional YP Rep is to:

  • Participate in the Regional Chapter leadership committee. This will primarily involve supporting the Regional Chapter with planning regional events and engaging with regional Young Professionals.
  • Report to and liaise with the ANZ YP Chair on Regional and National YP events and communications.  This will include participating in routine conference calls with the YP Chair and other Regional YP Reps (approximately once every 4-6 weeks).

YP Rep Qualifications and Application Process

The qualifications we are looking for include the following:

  1. You must be 40 years old or younger;
  2. You must be motivated and willing to volunteer a few hours of your own time every month to fulfil your role;
  3. You must be involved (or have a keen interest) in the coastal, maritime and waterborne transport infrastructure sector;
  4. You are able to serve in the role for at least the next 12 months;
  5. You are an excellent communicator; and 
  6. Preferably have a network that extends to students and young professionals in your region.

If you are interested in applying for a YP Representative role for one of our Regional Chapters, please email the ANZ YP-Com Chair (Claire.Treeby@RioTinto.com) no later than 7th April with the following information:

  • Name and contact details
  • Age and location
  • Relevant experience in the industry 
  • Short summary of why you are interested in and suited for the role

Unsuccessful applicants may still be provided with opportunities to support, so don’t miss out!

We look forward to your submissions and good luck!

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