Voice of Member – Survey Results are In!

Feedback from members gives a strong thumbs up for PIANC ANZ but we’re not perfect yet!

Understanding members is the key to giving them good service which in turn results into strong relationships and new members through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Using his years of experience in customer engagement PIANC ANZ 2021 Board Observer Olivier Mineau led the development of our Voice of Member Survey in April – May 2021. The survey sought to understand current sentiment on the value that PIANC ANZ offers and to identify opportunities to improve our service.

The survey contained a series of 24 questions focused across the following areas:

  • Membership demographics
  • Reasons for joining.
  • Satisfaction with PIANC
  • Communications
  • Value for money
  • Conference feedback

The survey was distributed to 202 members using the Membership Works communication platform on 23 April 2021. The survey was open for a period of two weeks, closing on 7th May 2021. Within this time 62 members responded to the survey.

Respondent profiling:

● 91% of respondents were located in Australia and 9% in NZ.
● 53% of respondents were Consultants, 21% in Ports admin and 11% Contractors
● 31% have been members for 10+ years, 44% have been members for less than 5 years

The breakdown appears roughly representative of the membership base

Executive Summary

PIANC ANZ scores a strong Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 35, with 45% promoters and only 10% detractors. Results indicate a high level of member satisfaction, with satisfaction highest on the most important reasons for joining. It appears that PIANC ANZ is focusing on the right elements.

  • Members participate in PIANC ANZ primarily to get access to technical expertise.
  • Satisfaction with comms is very high. Some note an improvement in the last 2 years. There may be an opportunity to increase frequency, so long as quality of content can be maintained.
  • Members rate “value for money” as very strong, with several comparing it favourably against other similar organisations and very few raising concern with cost. 
  • Satisfaction with regional events varies significantly. WA is a standout performer (4.5/5), followed by NSW (3.7/5), then VIC (3.2/5) and QLD rates lowest (2.3/5).  PIANC could share best practices from WA chapter to drive satisfaction in other states.
  • Coasts & Ports 2019 was universally appreciated, while APAC 2020 received mixed reviews. The online aspects of the APAC 2020 conference were a driver of dissatisfaction for a number of respondents, while the necessity during COVID was acknowledged, and the hybrid solution found was appreciated by others.

Reasons for strong ratings of PIANC ANZ include:

  • “great resource supported by [..] great publications”,
  • “essential organisation for anyone in Ports”, 
  • “Low cost & great benefits, networking and access to material”, 
  • “membership provides excellent value for money”, 
  • “networking in the industry is great” 
  • “PIANC ANZ is doing a great job. Seems to be a real push to get more active regionally which is great and should continue.”

The Board acknowledges where we could do better.

The membership renewal system has been further improved to produce invoices for next year where requested. We have learnt!

Lack of communications with unsuccessful applicants for working groups is sincerely regretted and a system review is underway.

The Board would like to thank Olivier for all his excellent work in undertaking this Voice of Member Survey. The outcomes of the survey will be used to inform the PIANC Australia & New Zealand 2022 Strategic Plan.

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