Offshore Wave Energy Webinar now Available Online

Recording now available!

The PIANC ANZ Northern Chapter successfully hosted the Ocean Energy and Offshore Wind seminar at The University of Queensland on 18 April. It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest research developments in wave energy conversion devices and the current industry advances in offshore wind in Australia.

Thank you to The University of Queensland for hosting the event, and in particular Prof Tom Baldock for collaborating with PIANC to make this event successful. Also thank you to our other presenters Remo Cossu, Tara Kennedy and the moderator for the evening Jack Kliner.

The attendees included a broad range of individuals from industry, consulting, private sector, public sector and students from UQ. The webinar was recorded and can be viewed at the PIANC ANZ YouTube website.

While solar and wind are clear leaders in Australia’s current renewable market. Marine Renewable Energies (MRE), i.e. tidal, marine currents and wave energy, could become an additional solution for the future Australian renewable mix.

This talk introduced the audience to marine renewable energy devices and the possibilities of offshore wind currently being researched, designed and implemented along the Australian coastline. Australia’s coasts are home to the world’s best wave energy resource in the south, while the north, with its large tidal ranges, is ideal for the implementation of tidal energy projects. MRE have seen major developments in Australia in the last two years, both in the research sphere and industry-led projects.

In 2022 the federal government declared Australia’s first offshore wind zones, giving developers the green light to proceed with planning and consultation for wind farm projects. This seminar provided insightful industry knowledge from a consulting perspective.

View recorded webinar here.

Download Tara Kennedy & PIANC’s presentation here.

The PIANC ANZ Northern Chapter has many more exciting events in store for the rest of the year!

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