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The production of high-quality publications and dissemination of information to its members is one of the major objectives of PIANC. It fulfils this via the activities of various Commissions and Working groups. Publications include Technical Reports, quarterly magazine (On Course) and electronic Newsletter (Sailing Ahead).  Regular congresses, conferences, workshops and seminars are delivered for members.

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All commissions (and working groups) have members from each country with an interest in the work or study being carried out. They gather and analyze the material available and publish results in English and French in technical reports. Studies are in principle short term (24 months) and are conducted by Working Groups, so that PIANC can respond quickly to current problems.

PIANC Commissions comprise of the following:

InCom – Inland Navigation Commission

MarCom – Maritime Navigation Commission

EnviCom – Environmental Commission

RecCom – Recreational Navigation Commission

CoCom – International Cooperation Commission

YPCom – Young Professionals Commission

FinCom – Finance Commission

ProCom – Promotion Commission

PIANC Working Groups

Technical working groups are composed of participants from member countries who have interest and expertise in the issue being investigated. The groups gather, analyze, and consolidate state-of-the-art material from each country. The resulting reports are published and sent to each PIANC member.

Recently, new working groups have been established on the following topics:

  • Innovations in Navigation Lock Design
  • Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Fairways
  • Environmental Aspects of Dredging and Port Construction Around Coral Reefs and Cold Water Hard Bottom Benthic Communities

Information about ongoing Working Groups are sorted by commission and can be consulted by clicking the commissions of interest in the ‘Commissions’ section above or from the Commissions menu at PIANC.

Technical Reports

Ever since 1885, PIANC upholds a tradition of top-ranked technical reports in the field of inland, maritime and recreational navigation including environmental issues. These widely valued reports provide guidance for designers and engineers and are prepared in Working Groups, established by one of the four permanent technical commissions InCom, MarCom, EnviCom and RecCom.

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On Course – Quarterly Magazine

Contains technical publications as well as the latest news from the navigation world. Distributed 4 times a year: Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct.

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Sailing Ahead – E-newsletter

Keeps PIANC members up-to-date about internal decisions, activities and publications of PIANC management, commissions, working groups, young professionals, National Sections and individual members. Free of charge.

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Congresses & Conferences

Every four years PIANC holds an International Congress, open to all members,for the presentation and discussion of papers on subjects pertaining to waterways and maritime navigation. The next International Congress will be hosted by the UK Section and held in 2010 in Liverpool.

Every two years, PIANC Australia in co-operation with Engineers Australia (National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering) holds the Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference for the dissemination of papers on topics across coastal, ocean, port, maritime and environmental engineering. In September 2009 the conference was held in Wellington, New Zealand with support from IPENZ. The 2011 conference is scheduled to be held in Perth, WA.