YP Com – changes at local and global level

YPCom changes – congratulations to ANZ YPs!

Welcome to our new PIANC ANZ YPCom Chair, Claire Treeby.

Claire grew up in the port city of Albany, Western Australia, and is currently based in Perth managing capital upgrade projects for iron ports in the Pilbara. She has a structural engineering background, with a focus on marine structures such as wharves and jetties.  Claire has been actively involved as the YP representative for the WA Regional Chapter for the past two years organising events and reaching out to YPs in the region. All her activities reflect her passion about sharing knowledge and making connections within the ports & marine field.  Claire has also been busy contributing her time and energy on the Local Organising Committee for the inaugural PIANC Asia-Pacific Conference APAC2020 taking place in Fremantle later this year.

Our thanks must go to outgoing ANZ YPCom Chair Rodney Hancock who has been a very effective PIANC organiser for the last three years, assisting the PIANC ANZ Board in building regional chapters at home, and in effective connection and communication with the rest of global PIANC YPCom. It is fitting therefore that his new role within PIANC is that of YP Vice-Chair of the entire Asia Pacific region.
“I am thrilled to take on the role of Vice Chair for the Asia Pacific region,” Rodney says, “which I think is the most exciting region for growth and development in our industry globally.  Following the great foundation set by Tom, I am hoping to further build and coordinate the YP network across our diverse region, encourage more YP participation in PIANC leadership roles and events, and ultimately provide YPs with opportunities for professional and personal development.” Congratulations and thank you Rodney!

Rodney steps into the role Dr Tom Shand has held for nearly three years. A big thank you from the ANZ Board to Tom for his leadership in the region, which included some very special events including the 3rd PIANC YPCom Asia‐Pacific Seminar in Korea in 2018 and the BTV in Singapore in 2019. We wish him all the very best in organising the next Coasts & Ports 2021 to be held in Christchurch, with its marvellous theme: Te Oranga Takutai, Adapt and Thrive.

In May 2020 several key YPCom Board position changes were announced, including a new YPCom Chair, Eslie Vrolijk.  Her Co-Chair is another ANZer, Matthew Prumm.

This is a very good outcome for the Australia and New Zealand National Section with two of our members taking on key leadership roles at the Board level.

Congratulations, thank you and very best wishes to Claire, Matt, Rodney and Tom.

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