Working with Nature Awards will be presented during 35th World Congress in South Africa

‘Working with Nature’ is an international initiative of PIANC to promote a proactive, integrated approach to sustainable navigation infrastructure projects. Since 2008, numerous navigation infrastructure projects around the world have been developed using elements of the ‘Working with Nature’ philosophy. PIANC is keen to recognise these projects by awarding a Certificate of Recognition.

More can be found in EnviCom WG 176 report named « Guide for Applying Working with Nature to Navigation Infrastructure Projects » com/wg176

As you may know, all projects submitted for the full ‘Working with Nature’ Certificate of Recognition and having successfully received this certificate are considered as entries for the ‘Working with Nature’ Award. This prestigious Award will be presented to the first three winners on the PIANC World Congress in Cape Town which is being held 29 April to 3 May 2024.

The selection will be done by early 2024 and you are therefore urgently asked to submit your specific project as explained on PIANC Website All of PIANC International Website will soon be replaced by a new site making submission more straightforward, but you can easily use the existing form on site.

If you are responsible for or involved in an « environmentally-ambitious » operational navigation infrastructure project, your project may be eligible for a ‘Working with Nature’ Certificate of Recognition.  In addition, the category ‘Supporter of Working with Nature’ for initiatives, programs, plans, pilots, research, or study projects is accessible. Receiving such an accolade enables you to promote your project as an example of international best practice and PIANC will add your project to its public website.

Don’t hesitate, please submit your project as soon as possible!

You can download a copy of this flyer here.

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