Working Group 218 on invasive alien species makes successful start

PIANC Working Group 218 which is looking at the implications of invasive alien species for waterborne transport infrastructure, held its official kick-off in Brussels 30-31 January 2020. This inaugural meeting was attended by all bar one of the members (unavoidable circumstances resulted in the French representative being unable to attend):

  • Chair: Safra Altman, full, USA
  • Secretary: Aaron Schad, alternate, USA
  • Nathan Harms, YP, USA
  • Carola Winkelmann, Germany
  • Nicola Stokes, full, Australia
  • Sahar Mokhtari, full, Iran
  • Guillaume Raffenne, full, France
  • Vicky West, full, UK
  • Lisa Reilly, YP, UK
  • PIANC EnviCom WG Mentor: Jan Brooke

The kick-off session was a great success, with high engagement maintained for the duration. Key outputs of this first session included:

  • The development of a draft outline for the proposed guideline
  • The development of a forward plan schedule for working group meetings
  • The allocation of initial tasks amongst members relevant to subject matter experts
  • The identification of existing knowledge gaps (broadly) which highlighted the benefit of seeking further expertise to allow the guideline to address
    • Full global geographic coverage
    • the business risk and liability considerations from a more comprehensive perspective
    • Engineering options for mitigation of risks

Report by Nicola Stokes NQBP – PIANC Australia and New Zealand member. See her video here.

Terms of reference are here:  ToR-EnviCom-WG-218-The-implications-of-invasive-alien-species-for-waterborne-transport-infrastructure

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