WG Call out! WG153C call for members


PIANC A&NZ Members with specific expertise (see details below) are invited to apply for participation in this new PIANC International Working Group WG153C (see Terms of Reference) which is a continuation of the WG 153B report published in October 2022.  

The global energy markets are now embracing an enormous effort to decarbonize in response to climate change concerns. Hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, liquified CO₂ and other “green fuels” projects are being developed worldwide and many of these commodities will require marine transportation for regional and global distribution. Some of these fuels will also be used for ship bunkering. There is an urgent need for industry guidance regarding the design of marine terminals for the unique requirements of these commodities. 

Most of the content of the just-published WG 153B report has commonality with these green fuels terminals; however, additional guidance must be added to address the unique physical and safety aspects of these cargoes. 

Specific expertise being sought for this working group include the following

• Process or chemical engineers familiar with the design and safety aspects of loading/unloading hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, LCO2and biofuels; 

• Risk management expertise relating to marine terminal issues associated with green and fossil fuels; 

• Piping design and safety aspects associated with hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, LOC2 and biofuels; 

• Electrical, instrumentation and controls design and safety aspects associated with hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, LOC2 and biofuels; 

• Fire protection design and safety aspects associated with hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, LOC2 and biofuels; 

• Navigation and manoeuvring of vessels at conventional berths as well as nearshore open water terminals; 

• Marine terminal structural, coastal and geotechnical engineering design for liquid and gas terminals. 


If you would like to represent the Australian & New Zealand National Section of PIANC on this Working Groups please apply to the A&NZ Board. Many of our members are currently active on a number of PIANC Working Groups and they produce significant outcomes that benefit maritime matters in our region.

Please advise if you qualify as a Young Professional (YP – 40 years or younger) as there are two positions available in each Working Group, one of which is for a YP.

How to Apply:
Please forward your application before COB Friday 19 May 2023 to:
Greg Britton, (Technical Commission Lead A&NZ) E: greg.britton@rhdhv.com

Your application should include a detailed CV/Resume with a short covering letter outlining:

1. Your experience in the particular technical field; see expertise list above.
2. Why the WG is relevant for the Australian / NZ content and the direct benefits of participation;
3. A commitment that you will prepare (for distribution to all members) a short report providing an overview & outcomes of the WG etc;
4. Whether or not you are seeking to access Travel Assistance Policy (TAP )funding; and
5. Whether you qualify as a Young Professional.

Please note that Working Group Members need to be Individual Members of PIANC, working for a Corporate Member or Platinum Partner, be an invited expert or a be a member of a Sister Organisation.

A Selection Committee will review all nominations received and make a final recommendation to the PIANC A&NZ Chair.

Please be aware that membership of a Working Group does require your active participation. This includes attending Working Group meetings (pre-Covid -19 this was usually at international locations) or as a ‘Corresponding Member’ if you do not want to undertake the normal travel requirements of full membership. If you are expert in the field and would like to influence the outcome of the Working Group we encourage you to participate as fully as you are able.

All costs associated with membership must be borne by either yourself or your employer, however PIANC Australia & New Zealand has a Travel Assistance Policy to partially assist with travel & attendance at Working Group meetings, in order to promote Australian and New Zealand technical input into these important WG activities. 

Under the PIANC A&NZ Travel Assistance Policy (TAP), up to $2,000 funds may be payable post travel upon the successful completion of a WG Summary Report and production of relevant travel receipts.

All nominations must be received no later than Friday 19 May 2023. E: greg.britton@rhdhv.com

Please consider this opportunity.

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