Welcome new Environmental Commission AU-NZ Lead – Adam van der Beeke

“Ports have a tremendous opportunity to collaborate and facilitate sustainable outcomes, not just in the supply chain but for society as a whole.”

Adam van der Beeke

PIANC AU-NZ is delighted to welcome Adam van der Beeke as our new Technical Lead for our National Section representations and advice to PIANC’s Environmental Commission (EnviCom). 

At the core of PIANC’s mission is the publication of high-quality Technical Reports realised by international Working Groups (WGs). PIANC Working Groups are composed of participants from multiple member countries who have expertise in the issue being investigated. The groups gather, analyse, and consolidate international, state-of-the-art, best practice material to provide evidence-based guidance. The role of our AU-NZ Technical Commission Leads is to promote participation by our members in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific nations in these WGs.  

Adam is a Senior Environmental Advisor at Fremantle Ports with more than 25 years of experience working in environmental consulting and government advisory roles. He is well recognised for his contributions across strategic and technical fields including ESG strategy, infrastructure sustainability and contaminated site assessment. 

Adam began his career as an Environmental Officer for the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. Prior to joining Fremantle Ports in 2010, Adam worked on contaminated sites assessment and remediation projects, including for 2 years on the Olympic Park site in London.  More recently, Adam had a twenty-month secondment as Functional Leader – Sustainability – Westport Project, Department of Transport, Western Australia.  

Adam has a BSc in Environmental Management and qualifications in Leadership and Management, Project Management, and Governance and Risk Management.  Adam has been active in PIANC WA Regional Chapter since its formation in 2018, and is responsible for many successful events including Port net zero emissions transition, Westport’s alignment to PIANC Working with Nature, and the inaugural PIANC APAC conference in Fremantle in 2020.

Adam is passionate about sustainability, and, he says “ports are critical intermodal hubs in the global supply chain of goods and services. We have a tremendous opportunity to collaborate and facilitate sustainable outcomes, not just in the supply chain but for society as a whole. PIANC brings global best practice into technical reports that can be actioned locally.  I’m very excited to have this opportunity to support PIANC EnviCom delivering high-quality technical guidance relevant to the port industry in our region.” 

A huge thank you must go to outgoing PIANC AU-NZ EnviCom lead Marika Calfas, CEO of NSW Ports, who has brilliantly fulfilled the role for over a decade. Thank you Marika for all your work!

Our alternate EnviCom Technical lead is PIANC AU-NZ Board Member Ron Cox. 

More about PIANC’s Environmental Commission (EnviCom)

EnviCom is responsible for dealing with both broad and very specific navigation sustainability and environmental risk-related issues of interest to PIANC that crosscut all PIANC areas, partner activities.

With strategic initiatives, Working Groups and networking activities, EnviCom proactively develops and provides environmental guidance supporting the Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Sector to strive for sustainability and to implement the respective PIANC goals. 

Permanent Task Groups/Strategic Initiatives include EU Water Framework Directive Navigation Task Group, Climate Change (PTG CC), Working with Nature Corresponding Group, Dredging and the Environment.

EnviCom pursues activities on topics like Working with Nature, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Risk Management, Dredging in environmental sensitive areas, Sustainable ports, Climate change adaptation, Carbon management, Resilience.

EnviCom continuously works together with the other Technical Commissions of PIANC and partner associations. EnviCom networks with international organisations such as the London Convention, OSPAR, WODA and the EU. Together with PIANC’s Commission CoCom, EnviCom also develops and shares information on navigation and the environment for and with Countries in Transition.

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