State of Ocean Energy – NSW Webinar – Video now Available!

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View presentations by three leading Australian researchers and industry experts discussing subjects including Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) in Australia, offshore energy and opportunities in the Great Southern Coast and Wave Swell Technology.


  • Tom Denniss, Executive Chair, Wave Swell Energy Ltd
  • Francois Flocard, Principal Engineer, UNSW Water Research Laboratory
  • Christophe Gaudin, Professor of Offshore Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Western Australia

Tom Denniss – Wave Swell Energy Ltd has developed a unique technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electricity. His presentation describes the technology, its potential, the company’s current project at King Island in Bass Strait, and the various applications of the technology, including its ability to double as part of a breakwater or seawall, thereby providing protection against coastal erosion and/or a safe harbour facility.

Francois Flocard – Marine Renewable Energies (MRE): While solar and wind are clear leaders in Australia’s current renewable market. Marine Renewable Energies (MRE), i.e. tidal, marine currents and wave energy, could become an additional solution for the future Australian renewable mix. Australia’s coasts are home to the world’s best wave energy resource in the south, while the north, with its large tidal ranges, is ideal for the implementation of tidal energy projects. MRE have seen major developments in Australia in the last two years, both in the research sphere and industry-led projects.

This talk introduced the audience to the marine renewable resources around our coasts and their specificities. The presentation provided a snapshot of the main technologies under development around the world as well as the different activities currently happening around Australia.

Christophe Gaudin – Offshore energy and opportunities: The mitigation of the impact of climate change on our coasts and oceans requires a rapid decarbonisation of our economy with engagement at all levels of society, from communities, regions and governments, to numerous other stakeholders across the public and private sectors. Offshore renewable energy has a huge potential to accelerate this decarbonisation across multiscale solutions, from supply to the grid, to micro-grid powered infrastructures, trough hydrogen or ammonia generation.

This presentation examined the opportunities within Australia, with an emphasis on the Great Southern Coast and for Albany to become a world leader in offshore marine renewable energy.

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