Renewables and Energy Efficiency for Maritime Ports – Report WG159

PIANC MarCom WG 159’s state-of-the-art report  ‘Renewables and Energy Efficiency for Maritime Ports’ has been released

167 pages – €170

This report analyses the state-of-the-art related to the implementation of renewable energy devices and energy efficiency measures in port infrastructure. It provides guidance for evaluating and implementing Renewable Energy (RE) resources like wind, solar and ocean, discusses Energy Efficiency (EE) technologies and cost-effective solutions for port facilities.

The report offers general advice for the implementation of both commercial and experimental projects related to the direct connection and/or integration of renewable energy devices to maritime port infrastructure, taking into account port engineering aspects, environmental, operational constraints, electrical aspects, economic and financial aspects and efficiency of the systems.

The objective is to identify RE resources and EE measures through Energy Masterplans that can be implemented by Port Authorities and Terminal Operators leading to energy systems that minimise power consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. The vision is to develop self-sustainable ports using RE and EE technologies.

The contents of the report are applicable not only for project planners (greenfield and brownfield projects) but also for port authorities and terminal operators.

PIANC members can download their free copy in the PIANC Members Only Section on the PIANC website, non-members can purchase their copy at

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