PIANC WG 175 released – ERM for Navigation Infrastructure

PIANC EnviCom WG 175 – ‘A Practical Guide to Environmental Risk Management (ERM) for Navigation Infrastructure Projects’ has been released . Please click here to download the press release.

PIANC members can download their free copy in the PIANC Members Only Section, non-members can purchase their copy at https://www.pianc.org/publications/envicom.

About WG 175

Previous EnviCom Working Groups have developed procedures addressing various aspects of environmental risk assessment of dredging and dredged material disposal related to waterborne transport infrastructure, providing a scientific basis for making decisions based on environmental risk assessment data. However, these reports did not specifically address methodologies for managing environmental risks.

Recognising this gap, an effort was undertaken to develop a practical guide derived from existing methods and approaches for informing decision makers managing environmental risk associated with waterborne transport infrastructure projects.

The report is intended to provide technical guidance to decision makers regarding the risk management process. It describes a methodology to inform risk management decisions for the comprehensive range of hazards and environmental risks pertinent to waterborne transport infrastructure.

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