PIANC QLD/NT – Hydrogen in the Ports Workshop

On 18 April 2024 distinguished speakers and professionals from government, port sectors, international communities, technology providers, and consultant engineers gathered in EA’s auditorium in Brisbane to collaborate and explore the pivotal role of hydrogen in shaping the future of Australia’s port and maritime industries.

See here for video recording of proceedings. (3hrs 45 mins)
Presentations are available at https://pianc.org.au/resources/presentations/

In the opening message, Dr. Sam Mazaheri, the chair of the PIANC AU-NZ Northern (QLD & NT) Chapter, introduced PIANC and its role in waterborne transport infrastructure, including ports, maritime, and coastal areas. He emphasised that as we embark on this journey, let us embrace the opportunity to learn, collaborate and innovate. Together we can drive positive change and pave the way for a sustainable and resilient future for Australia’s port and maritime sectors. 

The workshop kicked off with the Hydrogen Market and Project Overview session, where esteemed speakers, Alana Barlow, Deputy Director-General, Hydrogen and Future Fuels, Department of Energy and Climate; Craig Haymes, CEO, Gladstone Ports Corporation, Claire Speedy, Energy Estate; and Pooja Jain, Senior VP, WSP USA provided valuable insights into global hydrogen markets, government policies, and large-scale hydrogen projects. 

Following this, the workshop transitioned to the Port Perspective session, focusing on the development of existing port infrastructure and exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with future fuels. Our expert industry speakers, Richard Woolard and Mike Sudmalis (Aurecon), Jeffrey Gomes,(Hatch), and Dr. Prakash Aryal (WSP Australia), delved into topics such as green ammonia handling, future fuel technologies, and storage and transportation facilities, providing valuable perspectives on navigating the transition towards hydrogen-related port operations.

Thanks to our sponsors, WSP and Hatch, for their efforts in programming the workshop and facilitating the sessions (Special thanks to Michael Coull and Andrew Catto). 

The workshop provided a good platform for in-depth discussions, with the Panel Session allowing attendees and presenters to explore more deeply the topics covered and extract key learnings and insights.

Presentations are available at https://pianc.org.au/resources/presentations/

Workshop Program

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