PIANC A&NZ YP Com Chair – position available!

PIANC A&NZ Young Professionals Chair – Applications open!

We are now seeking applications across A&NZ for the YPCom Chair role.  We are looking for exceptional candidates who will proactively demonstrate leadership amongst their peers and within the community, while espousing the values of PIANC.

The PIANC Young Professionals Commission (YPCom) is dedicated to the career development of YP members (40 years of age and younger) by providing opportunities for networking, experience on Technical Commissions and Working Groups, as well as scholarship opportunities. 

Role and responsibilities

In the A&NZ National Section, YPCom is led by a Chairperson. The typical responsibilities of the Chairperson are generally as follows:

·         Help to increase the membership and participation of Young Professionals in PIANC in Australia & New Zealand.

·         Maintain regular communication with, and support to, the YP Representatives on each of the Regional Chapters.

·         Routinely report to the A&NZ National Section Board on YPCom matters, including the preparation of briefing papers for Board meetings.

·         Maintain regular communication with the YPCom Asia Pacific Vice Chair, including updates on A&NZ events and relevant information for PIANC publications (e.g. Sailing Ahead).

·         Support with A&NZ event planning, particularly in relation to YPCom-specific activities.

·         Be a part of the local PIANC Regional Chapter in your area.

·         Manage the A&NZ YPCom LinkedIn group page by posting relevant information and updates, as required.

Qualifications and Application Process

Additional qualifications we are looking for include the following:

1.      You must be 40 years old or younger.

2.      You are highly motivated and willing to volunteer a few hours of your own time every month to fulfil your role.

3.      You are an excellent communicator and have a network that extends to students and young professionals locally and, ideally, nationally.

4.      You are involved (or have a keen interest) in the coastal, maritime and waterborne transport infrastructure sector.

5.      You are able to serve in the role for at least the next 2 years.

If you are interested in applying for the PIANC A&NZ YPCom Chair role, please prepare a brief statement (1-2 pages) with the following information:

·         Name, age, location and contact details

·         Relevant qualifications/experience

·         Previous experience and interaction with PIANC

·         Short summary of why you are best suited for the role

Please email your applications and any questions you may have to the current YPCom Chair Claire Treeby (claire.treeby@hatch.com) no later than January 31.

We look forward to your submissions and good luck!

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