Coasts&Ports2023 Conference Proceedings

fostering a collective endeavour towards a sustainable future. 

The 2023 Australasian Coasts&Ports Conference proceedings have been submitted for upload to the main conference database at . This, however, can take up to 3 months to be indexed and for it to make its way through the various search engines.

In the meantime 2023 Conference Chair Dr Andrew Pomeroy has posted a temporary link to the full proceedings of the August 2023 Conference as a single PDF.

As Dr Pomeroy says in his foreword to the proceedings.

“The Conference location and program clearly resonated with a record-breaking attendance, more than 200 abstracts and generous support from sponsoring organisations. The papers presented showcased the cutting edge of Australasian coastal engineering and science, capturing the current state of practice in the field. 

Several themes emerged from the conference:

Adapting to a Changing Landscape
The conference underscored the urgent need to adapt to the intensifying impacts of climate change. Aging coastal infrastructure is reaching or exceeding its design life, demanding innovative solutions to withstand the changing environment. Nature-based strategies continue to emerge as a promising approach, offering sustainable and resilient solutions for coastal communities.

Quantifying Impacts, Ensuring Sustainability
The conference emphasised the importance of quantifying the costs and benefits of all coast and port interventions. Data-driven approaches were presented along with tools to help drive informed decisionmaking, ensuring that projects align with sustainable practices and long-term viability.

Revitalising Recreational Infrastructure
Small recreational infrastructure emerged as a key focus, reflecting the ongoing renewal of aging
infrastructure across the region. These projects play a vital role in enhancing coastal communities’ quality of life, promoting recreation, and fostering a connection with the marine environment.

Future Ports Infrastructure
New areas such as hydrogen ports and offshore renewable energy emerged in this conference, which reflects the global push and innovation in how energy is provided to communities in the future.

Ensuring that valuable knowledge remains accessible to all. 

In recognition of the 50-year anniversary, the entire back-catalogue of proceedings was made open-source, ensuring that valuable knowledge remains accessible to all.  Future proceedings will also be open source, fostering a culture of open collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The success of Coasts and Ports 2023 is a testament to the dedication of the Organising Committee, East Coast Conferences, and in particular Gildas Colleter, who led the technical program and compilation of these proceedings. Their unwavering commitment and hard work were instrumental.

Coasts and Ports provides a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation, fostering a collective endeavour towards a sustainable future. As we look forward, the conference remains focused on this mission, ensuring that our coastlines remain vibrant and the infrastructure along them resilient for generations to come.”

We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide in 2025.

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