PIANC A-NZ Regional Chapters

ANZ Regional Chapters (2)

PIANC Australia & New Zealand is growing its regional chapters.

As well as contributing to an international body of knowledge, and sharing industry knowledge and best practice, PIANC is about bringing people in our industry together, and supporting the next generation of professionals in the industry.

We hope that effective regional chapters will support and enhance all these aims and activities. Regions will be interlinked – with sharing of event materials and content between chapters, and, where possible, eminent speakers – international or national. But they will also focus on local needs and regional requirements.

Each Regional Chapter has an independent leadership committee with responsibility to manage its own regional events and communications while also reporting to, and liaising with, the National PIANC ANZ Board.

Get involved in your region! Contact your regional chapter – details below

NSW/ACT Regional Chapter Chair:

Matthew Batman: E: MBatman@portauthoritynsw.com.au

Michel de Vos, PIANC A-NZ Board

New Zealand Chapter Contact:

Michel de Vos: E: Michelv@napierport.co.nz

QLD/NT Regional Chapter Contact

Kevin Kane: E: KKane@nqbp.com.au

SA Regional Chapter Contact:

Paul Constance: E: constance.paul@flindersports.com.au

Chris Carboon, PIANC A-NZ Board

VIC/TAS Regional Chapter Contact:

Chris Carboon: E: Chris.Carboon@jacobs.com

WA Regional Chapter Chair:

Luke Campbell:  E: LCampbell@wga.com.au

Each Regional Chapter leadership committee includes a Young Professional Representative.

The role primarily involves supporting the Chapter with planning regional events, and engaging with regional Young Professionals and the ANZ YP National Chair – currently Claire Treeby.  We are delighted to welcome our inaugural YP reps to the following Chapters.

Shane Freeman

NSW/ACT Regional Chapter

Young Professional Representative:

Shane Freeman

New Zealand Chapter

Young Professional Representative:

Chip Pohlen

QLD/NT Regional Chapter 

Young Professional Representative:

Jade Hundziak

VIC/TAS Regional Chapter

Young Professional Representative:

Laurence Benn

WA Regional Chapter

Young Professional Representative:

Claire Treeby – PIANC ANZ YP Commission Chair