PIANC Membership is worldwide and open to everyone

PIANC has members in 65 countries, including 36 qualifying members, 2 international river commissions, about 450 corporate members (private companies, harbor agencies, firms, laboratories, chambers of commerce, etc…) and about 2000 individual members.

PIANC Australia is one of the larger of the 21 National Sections which operate to facilitate contacts between PIANC HQ and the membership.

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7 Reasons to join PIANC

  1. Join a worldwide network of fellow experts and professionals
  2. Benefit from more than a century of expertise
  3. Gain access to advanced technical information disseminated in publications and via international congresses, Australasian conferences, workshops and seminars.
  4. Share your knowledge and experience through working groups, commissions and national sections
  5. Make your voice heard within the community and on the international scene
  6. Use a unique springboard for young professionals
  7. Team up with public decision-makers

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PIANC Australia membership fees are

  • Corporate Member $1,430.00 incl GST
  • Individual Member $253.00 incl GST
  • Student $55.00 incl GST

Corporate Membership is open to public and private organizations who have an interest in PIANC and PIANC Australia activities. Corporate Members receive, free of charge 2 copies of the publications.

Individual Membership is open to all persons who have an interest in PIANC and PIANC Australia activities. Individual Members receive, free of charge 1 copy of the publications.

Student Membership is open to persons under 30 years of age and who are full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students studying at a recognised tertiary institution within Australasia. Student Members receive, free of charge 1 copy of the publications

Membership follows calendar year (from January 1 till December 31) -if you enrol in the course of the year, you will automatically receive all publications issued in the year of your enrolment. Subscriptions are due as soon as a member is admitted and thereafter in January of each succeeding year.

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