PIANC Australia / NZ AGM 2018

A new Board and a renewed vision of engagement

Five new members joined the PIANC Australia board at the 2018 AGM held on 22 June. Chair Will Glamore was delighted to welcome Luke Campbell (WA), Chris Carboon (Vic), Katrina Dodd (WA), Peter Engelen (NSW) and Kevin Kane (Qld), noting their representative geographical spread across the country, and their impressive collective level of expertise and energy.

Will Glamore believes that the increasing level of interest in both board and corporate membership is a clear indicator of the growing profile of PIANC Australia and he is keen to see the new board members rapidly make their mark within the organisation. Indeed Will is keen for all members to more fully participate in the Australasian section of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC). ‘We are not just a board’ he says, ‘we are a community.’

His vision is for an actively engaged membership who can really reap the benefits that PIANC has to offer, including technical knowledge sharing and networking through regional and global events, and with the potential to make a major contribution to world standards and up-to-date scientifically informed best practice.

Will thanked outgoing Board members Marika Calfas and Jason Sprott for their years of wonderful service. Jason had done great work in driving improvements to PIANC Australia governance and other systems, while Marika had played a very influential role in PIANC International’s Environmental Commission, a role he was delighted that she would be able to continue.

He also expressed his huge gratitude to his predecessor Neil Lawson, PIANC Australia Chair for 19 years, whose tireless efforts had overseen the transformation and flourishing of the organization in Australia. In 2017 Neil had stepped not down but up to a new PIANC International position as one of the four Vice Presidents. He would probably be working harder than ever, if that was at all possible!

AGM Members Board
AGM Members Board

New PIANC Board as at June 23 2018

William Glamore Chair
Greg Britton Deputy Chair
Joel Bailey Secretary
Neil Lawson Treasurer
Luke Campbell Newly elected 2018
Chris Carboon Newly elected 2018
Ron Cox NCCOE* Representative
Katrina Dodd NCCOE Representative – new 2018
Peter Engelen Newly elected 2018
Kevin Kane Newly elected 2018
Richard Hill Appointed to the Board
Scott Keane Appointed to the Board
Kate Panayatou Elected to the Board
Michel de Vos Elected to the Board

*NCCOE – National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering – Engineers Australia