Maintenance Dredging in World Heritage Ports – a strategy in action

Management of Maintenance Dredging in Queensland’s GBRWHA Ports – A Strategy in Action

Recent years have seen a step change in the attention to the health of the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Much of the Queensland Port industry has been exposed to significant regulatory and policy change, particularly related to its dredging activities.

Increased expectation of the industry to demonstrate best practice has been supported by the introduction of the Queensland Maintenance Dredging Strategy for Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA) Ports.

North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) have led the way in implementing the strategy, primarily through its Sustainable Sediment Management framework.

Brendan Hickey from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and Kevin Kane from North Queensland Bulk Ports discussed the changes and presenting a case study of the maintenance dredging strategy in action.

Kevin’s presentation can be found here.

About: Kevin Kane is Senior Manager Environment Planning with North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation. Kevin co-chairs the current international PIANC working groups (WG175) who are authoring a guideline on environmental risk management of navigational infrastructure projects. Kevin has recently been elected onto the Board of Directors of PIANC Australia.