A great growth year for PIANC Australia

PIANC Australia thanks its members for another great year

The Australian national section of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) recently combined its 2018 AGM in Sydney with a very successful two day seminar on ‘Port Planning: Trends, Issues and Hot Topics‘, with informative and expert presentations from port authorities, industry, consultants, academia and regulators.

PIANC Australia Chair Will Glamore welcomed over fifty members to the seminar, many of whom had travelled interstate from Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and WA, and several others from New Zealand.

The seminar was opened by Grant Gilfillan, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Port Authority of New South Wales. Over the next two days presenters from Aspec Engineering, Ausenco, Fremantle Port Authority, GHD, Mid West Port Authority, Mott Macdonald, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, North Queensland Bulk Ports, NSW Ports, Port of Newcastle, RoyalHaskoning, and UNSW, all brought their experience and expertise to the topic.

Whether it was from the lectern or more informally during the lunches and tea breaks, PIANC members freely shared the successes and the challenges of their work, and the crucial lessons learned for the future. It is forums such as these, says Will Glamore, which provide significant technical enrichment and professional networking opportunities for our members.

The second day ended with PIANC Australia’s 22nd AGM, where several new members were elected to the board.

Richard Hill (GHD) and Peter Duplex (Mid West Port Authority)
Two of PIANC's Port Planning seminar presenters Richard Hill (GHD) and Peter Duplex (Mid West Port Authority)

Secretary Joel Bailey reported that PIANC Australia now has almost 100 individual members and 64 corporate members, including 9 individual and 14 NZ corporate members. This is a doubling of corporate membership in the last six years, the result of significant efforts in outreach and gives us the largest corporate membership within PIANC globally.

Treasurer Neil Lawson reported on an excellent financial year, due to a variety of factors; the increase in corporate membership, successful hosting of PIANC International’s Annual General Assembly (AGA), and a vibrant co-hosting of the June 2017 Australasian Coasts and Ports conference in Cairns, which had a record 450 participants.

For a relatively young national member, PIANC Australia is certainly punching above its weight on the international scene. Australia’s representative on PIANC’s global Maritime Commission (MarCom), Peter Fountain reported that Australasian members are very much involved in international Working Groups nowadays, and are increasingly being seen as the ‘can-do’ national section.

The challenge now, says Will, is to build up strong active regional chapters, which can more directly meet member needs and issues, and to continue to foster the growth and development of PIANC Young Professional groups.

Will urges all current and prospective members to get involved at their regional level, and to keep in touch with the national board. ‘We are always willing to hear good ideas and receive feedback from our members‘ he said.