PIANC Australia Profile

What is PIANC?

PIANC is the global non-political and non-profit organisation providing guidance for sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure for ports and waterways.

PIANC brings together the best international experts on technical, economic and environmental issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructure.

Members include national governments and public authorities, corporations and interested individuals.

PIANC international working groups develop regular technical updates on pressing global issues to benefits members on shared best practices.

PIANC, established in 1885 and formerly known as the Permanent International Association for Navigation Congresses has its headquarters in Brussels Belgium in facilities provided by the Flemish Government.

PIANC has membership in 65 countries, including 31 qualifying members, two international river commissions, about 450 corporate members (private companies, harbour agencies, firms, laboratories, chambers of commerce etc.) and about 2000 individual members.

There are 21 national sections that are recognised and operate to facilitate contacts between members around the world.

PIANC’s objective is to promote both inland and maritime navigation by fostering progress in the planning, design, construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of inland and maritime waterways and ports and of coastal areas for general use in industrialized and industrializing countries. Facilities for fisheries, sport and recreational navigation are included in PIANC’s activities.

What is PIANC Australia ?

PIANC Australia is one of the larger of the 21 recognised national sections within PIANC internationally.

PIANC Australia has a growing membership which currently comprises 29 corporate members and 80 individual members.

PIANC Australia’s vision is to be the recognised leader in establishing best practice and standards of excellence in the sustainable development of infrastructure and operations of Australasian ports and waterways.

PIANC Australia Board Members


Name Position Company
Neil Lawson Chairman Cardno Limited
David Anderson Deputy Chairman Ports Australia
Stuart Bettington Board Member AECOM Pty Ltd
Gary Blumberg Board Member Royal Haskoning DHV
Marika Calfas Board Member NSW Ports
Assoc Prof Ron Cox Board Member University of New South Wales
William Glamore Board Member University of New South Wales
Tim Green Board Member BMT JFA Consultants Pty Ltd
Scott Keane Board Member Australian Maritime Systems
Kate Panayotou Board Member GHD Corporate
Richard Hill Board Member GHD
Jason Sprott Board Member Sprott Planning & Environment