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Re-launch of InCom WG 198 – Saltwater Intrusion Mitigations and Technologies for Inland Waterways

Dear PIANC Member,

Please find links below for documentation in relation to a new Working Group being established by PIANC.  PIANC is now calling for nominations to participate in these Working Groups from Member National Sections.

If you would like to represent the Australian / NZ Section of PIANC we would be pleased to review your application.  A Selection Committee will review all nominations received and make a final recommendation to the PIANC Australia Chair.

Please be aware that membership of a Working Group does require your active participation.  This may include attending Working Group meetings (usually at international locations) or as a ‘Corresponding Member’ if you did not want to undertake the normal travel requirements of full membership.

All costs associated with membership must be borne by either yourself or your employer, however PIANC Australia has recently introduced a Travel Assistance Policy (TAP – please see attached) to partially assist with travel & attendance at Working Group meetings.  The TAP outlines a limited number of travel assistance packages of up to $2,000 per annum in order to promote Australian technical input into the important Working Group activities.  Under the TAP, funds are payable post travel upon the successful completion of a WG Summary Report and production of relevant travel receipts.

If you wish to nominate for the Working Group please forward your application to sally.anderson@pianc.org.au so that the assessment process can begin.  Your application should include a short covering letter (and a detailed CV / Resume) outlining:

Your experience in the particular technical field;

  1. Why the WG is relevant for the Australian / NZ content and the direct benefits of participation;
  2. A commitment that upon return from an overseas meeting, you will prepare (for distribution to all members) a short report providing an overview & outcomes of the WG meeting etc; and
  3. Whether or not you are seeking to access TAP funding.

All nominations must be received no later than 18th May, 2017.

Please advise if you qualify as a Young Professional (YP -40 years or younger) as there are two positions available in each Working Group, one of which is for a YP.

PIANC Australia will advise all nominees of the result of the selection process and whether or not TAP funds have been made available. Our Members are active on a select number of PIANC Working Groups and they do produce significant outcomes that benefit maritime matters in our region. If you are expert in the field and would like to influence the outcome of the Working Groups I encourage you to participate as fully as you are able.


WG 198 TOR

PIANC Australia Travel Assistance Policy

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